1.3 Taken By Surprise

Terrell got up from the table and approached me with a big smile on his face. “You look beautiful tonight Isabelle. Well Actually you look beautiful everyday.” “Thanks.” I felt like my cheeks were turning red so I covered my mouth to hide the effects. Terrell leaned in towards me and tilted his head. I could smell the peppermint on his breath when his lips touched mine. I could feel series of eyes locked on me and Terrell. And of course my gut was right. Half the people at the restaurant were just watching Terrell and my make out session. With that Terrell led me to our table and signaled the waiter that we were ready to order.

It felt like most of the time we were eating, I caught Terrell starring at me. “What are you looking at?” “Just a beautiful girl. Man. where have you been all my life?” “I’ve been in Venezuela.” I guess that remark was found funny to Terrell since he chuckled a bit. “So why did you leave Venezuela?” The question hit me hard. Really hard that I choked on my food. I never really thought about what I’d tell people on why I left my home country. Terrell just stared at me, waiting for an answer. “I left Venezuela because, I was in need of a job. The jobs there was only looking for maids and housekeepers and it has always been my dream to be a firefighter and in Venezuela its a man job.”  Terrell smiled as he reached for my hand. “Well I think that was good because if they did allow women to be firefighters in Venezuela then I wouldn’t get to meet my future wife.” Wait what? I had to take a gulp of my wine. When we were finished Terrell led me to the dance floor and we exchanged a few dances and then he stopped.

I didn’t know why but Terrell seemed to start sweating, he was sweating like a pig. “Terrell, whats wrong? Your sweat could put out a fire.” Terrell kissed my nose and took out his handkerchief and wiped his face. “The reason why I’m sweating so much is because, I don’t know what your answer is going to be to my next question.” “What is it? Trust me, I won’t be mean.” “Okay. Fine. I will ask you.”

“Isabelle Hernandez, Will you marry me? I know we don’t know each other so long, But since I saw you, I knew that you were the one for me and I don’t want to lose you. Te quiero tanto. Y veo que tengamos un futuro juntos y empezar nuestra propia familia.”

Translation- I love you so much. And I see us having a future together and starting our own family.

Now what was I to say to this cutie? No? No was the last thing that I wanted to say. I mean, I didn’t know that Terrell felt so passionate towards me. All I could do was nod my head.

“You know what Isabelle. Forget waiting! Lets get married now!” “Now? Like right here now?” “Why not?” So with that being said. The date between Terrell and I turned into an engagement and then turned into our wedding. Yepp in under 5 hours. Thats a record.

“I love you Isabelle.” “I love you too Terrell.


When Terrell and I weren’t at home in bed together, or at home period 😉 We were at the gym. Waking up next to Terrell was amazing. He took a week off so that he could be with his wife 🙂 Terrell talked me into changing jobs since we will soon start a family and he doesn’t want me and fire to clash together because he won’t be a good single father. So I switched my job to become a Private Investigator. Yeah I didn’t want to give up my dream as being a Firefighter but I will soon be a mother but I don’t know when, but soon and I need to keep my unborn kids in my head. Most people say that Terrell and I act like a teenager couple because we goof around but thats just how we express our love.

I was at the Groceries store getting some candles for a romantic dinner that I would be having with Terrell tonight when I suddenly felt like I wanted to puke. My stomach rumbled as I let my puke on the pavement of the driveway. The cashier was by my side within a second with napkins and some gatorade. “Ma’am are you okay. Do you want me to call 911?” “No, no, no. I’m fine. It was probably something that I ate.” “Are you sure? You look pale.” And she was right. I didn’t feel so well. My stomach wanted to release some more vomit but I swallowed it all back down. Then a deep male voice spoke up. “I’m a doctor! And I can help you.” The doctor had me sit on the floor while he fetched his medical kit out of his car. He did a quick examine on me and when he finishedd he had a broad smile on his face. “Well Ma’m. Its nothing to worry about. Its something to be excited for. You are Pregnant. Congrats.” With that the Doctor went into his jeep and drove away. Well that adds something for me to tell Terrell tonight.


Author’s Note

1. I know you guys are like this chapter was so rushed. Well I sorry :-/

2. BABIES! Well right now. I’m really far in my sims story so I had to build an backup family to keep me from going to generation 2 too fast 😀

3. Terrell is now available to download.

4. Who Loves Terrell?

5. I also just put up a New Blogroll Page. Go check it out and see if your Story or Legacy is there :3

6. I hope you enjoyed this Chapter

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1.2 Infernos Everywhere

Today will be a great day since Terrell will be showing me around the station and teaching me all of the ropes. “Hey Terrell! I’m ready for my first day of work!” “I’m glad that you are ready. You don’t look that bad in uniform but lets see how great you will look in full uniform.” I wonder if he talks to every female like this, or does he like me? “So Isabelle. I know you are thinking that I was going to train you but I have a lot that I have to do so I’m going to let Patty train you. She is the green lady, can’t miss her.” “Okay. That’s okay. Do what you have to do Terrell.” To tell you the truth I am pretty crushed that Terrell can’t train me. So with that Terrell disappeared into his office and I trudged to find this green lady, Wait IS SHE REALLY GREEN?

Terrell wasn’t kidding when he said she was green. She had pointy ears and her bright red blush did NOT fit her skin. Turns out she is a witch. So I shouldn’t fool around her or she might curse me with some sort of spell on me. “Hello. My name is Isabelle and Terrell told me you are to train me?” She starred at me and blew at her nails and signaled me to move away from the pole so she could go down it. “Excuse me! I’m getting paid just like you, so if you could acknowledge me and help me know what I’m to do at the station.” “Okay. How about you fix the truck it needs tuning up. You do know how to use tools?” “Yes I do. But isn’t there anything else I must know?” “Look! I am only doing this job so I can pay my bills so I don’t know what happens in this place so if you don’t mind moving out of my way so I can go take a nap.” “Sure I will.” I really don’t like Patty. If she wasn’t a witch lord knows what I’d do to her green behind. I looked down the balcony and looked at the Fire truck. One of these days I will be driving it to put out a fire, but for now I have to maintain it.

I got ready to slide down the pole when I heard someone call my name. Of course it was Terrell ;). “So did you learn anything?” “No. All Patty did was give me a attitude so yeah.” “Don’t worry about Patty. But listen to this, if there isn’t an emergency how about we go out for lunch?” “Like on a date?” No why did I just say that? “Well if you want it to be like a date then sure, I didn’t want to call it a date cause I didn’t know if you felt the same way.” “Sure. I’d like that. Thanks.” Terrell disappeared into the men’s bathroom as I slid down the pole to maintain the truck.

The connection that I have made with Terrell stirred up a warm feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t wait until noon so that we could have our lunch together. The only thing that I hoped was for the Alarm not to ring. And then-

The Alarm went off -____- I was beyond pissed! I marched to the center where everyone was going nuts. I could tell from the look in Terrell’s eyes that he was too disappointed. I was ordered to go to the site of the inferno since it was a little house fire and I needed the training. Today I didn’t feel like doing any emergency, I wanted to go on a date with a hot guy!

When I got to the site. The people of the house were going nuts. “There is a fire! We are going to die!” Turns out the fire was in the garage and it was so tiny, If they caught a bucket of water they could have put out this fire. When I was finished, I saw a teenager who looked similar to my cousin Adriana. I found myself starring at her longer than I thought, “What are you looking at you creep?” “Excuse me? I’m sorry. Its just that you look like my little cousin.” “Oh. Well. Thanks for saving our house. My aunt causes unnecessary troubles and that fire was one of them. I smiled at the teen and hopped into the truck.

When I got back to the station, I looked around for Terrell but I couldn’t find him until he swung me into his arms and gave me a big kiss. At first I didn’t know what to do since he took me by surprise but after a while I kissed back. When we finally broke apart I smiled “What was that for?” “For the great job that you did with your first emergency.” Terrell scratched his head then spoke again, “So how about we have dinner tonight at the new Restaurant? Its makeup for our lunch date?” “That sounds great.And yes I will be there.”

I starred at Terrell who was on the other side of the the patio. I swallowed the knot in my throat and walked towards my date.



Author’s Note 

1. After this chapter Isabelle will no longer be a fire fighter because there is a glitch where she can’t move from Level 2 So I changed her to the Private Investigator .

2. Most likely a new chapter will come out every Monday or Tuesday

3. I don’t remember the Green lady’s name so I just named her Patty, So if you have Moonlight Fall, please don’t think her name is Patty 😀

4. Hope You Enjoyed the Chapter


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1.1: Starting Life All Over Again

* * *

The air in Moonlight Falls smelled different from back home in Venezuela. It smelled like it had a bunch of magic in its mids. The Embassy only provided me with a plot of land and enough money to build a little cottage, to me $5,000 wasn’t enough but I guess I will have to live with that amount of money. So about 5 hours later some other guys from off the ship helped me build my shack and it didn’t look too bad.

My new home wasn’t like my old home but it was something that I could deal with for a time. I was left back with $300 but I had to pay all the men that helped me building my house so I was left with $35. Tomorrow I will explore this town and I will look for my dream job, to become a firefighter. I always wanted that job ever since I was little but my mother said women don’t do those sort of jobs its fit for a man. I didn’t even do anything but sleep. I haven’t slept since the night before everything happened and that is about 72 hours ago. So I’m calling it a day and tomorrow I will start out fresh.

*    *     *

A nightmare has been drawn upon me and it was the scene that I would never forget. The day I lost all of my family members. The screams that my little cousin Adriana created when she tried to jump the wall when a soldier shot her in the back. I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t. The shouts of the soldiers kept me in the nightmare, ” Buscar Isabelle ahora! Nadie va a vivir hasta que nos encontramos con Isabelle!”

Translation- Find Isabelle now! No one will live until we find Isabelle!

One by one I watched as each of my family members fell to the floor. My heart sank when they shot my mother, Her green eyes met mine, she smiled at me as she took her last breath and she mouthed the word to me, “Te quiero Isabelle. Ir esconderse antes de que usted coge!”

Translation- I love you Isabelle. Go hide before they catch you!

I was about to get up and run when a Soldier grabbed me. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. He looked into my eyes and pulled out a knife. I tried to toss out of his hands but his grip was too hard. He placed the knife by my shirt and ripped it open and laid me on the floor. Then I noticed that 4 other soldiers were around me and they all were holding my legs and arms. The soldier with the knife had a grin on his face, ” Póngame con el machete para que yo pueda darle una lección”

Translation- get me the machete so I can teach her a lesson

He looked me in the face when he pulled his hand back and about to throw the Machete right into my leg. I screamed and I was awoken out of my crazy nightmare.

I woken up out of breath and I was sweating. My head starting hurting right away and everything around me got blurry. I looked at my watch to see that is was 8:15 a.m. I sat on the side of my bed for a moment until I could get my mind right. I sat there looking at the wall just thinking about what I just dreamed about. I wasn’t sure but I think the soldier was trying to cut off my leg or something but I woke up. I just sat there until I heard a voice, ” Bebé usted no está solo. Estamos vigilando. Te queremos Isabelle”

Translation- Baby you are not alone. We are watching over you. We love you Isabelle

I turned around to see who was talking to me but there was no one. My voice barley made a sound when I said, “¿Quién está ahí? ¿Qué es lo que quieres?”

Translation- Who is there? What do you want?

The voice didn’t talk again so I got up from my bed and went to the shower.

After a long cold shower, I picked up my bike and headed into town so that I can ask for directions to the town’s fire station. The trees in this town seem creepy. I swear one tree had a face on it and it frowned at me. I remember when I was little mi abuela (Grandmother) used to tell me stories about Witches and that they would put spells on trees that gave them faces and the trees were the Witches eye and they would watch anyone in a 10 mile radius. But its all just a tale. I hope.

When I got to the Town Square I saw a red head lady with bad taste in clothing so I thought I should ask her for where the fire station is. I decided to use my proper side of me and show a nice impression of what Venezuela is. “Hola, My name is Isabelle and I would like to ask you a question.” The lady looked at me as if I was nuts, “What are you doing? You don’t sound like you from here. Where you from Spas?” A Spas? Did this lady really just call me a Spas? I guess people around here don’t have manners.

“Well I just came here from Venezuela. And I am in deep need of a job. So I was asking you where the local Fire Station is?” The lady gave me a blank stare. She pulled out what seemed to be a wand and she said a few chants and a map appeared before our very eyes. “Are you, Are you, Are you a-” “Yes. I’m a witch. Its like you never seen one before. Well that’s not the worst you’ll see in this town, there are vampires, Fairies, Wolfs, ghosts, and Zombies be careful of zombies. Now here take this map. We are right here and the fir station is a block down.” “Thank you.” Before I could ask the woman her name she was already in the sky on her broomstick. What did I get myself into, a psycho world?

The Witch’s map wasn’t so bad it landed me right at the fire station. I knocked on the door but it pushed open when I placed my hand on it. The station seemed quite run down with a plentiful dust. “Hola, is anybody here? I’m looking for a job?” No one seemed to come out or say anything so I gave myself a tour of the Station.

The Fire Station didn’t look too bad but just a little bit of cleaning up won’t hurt right? I was then startled by the clearing of a man’s voice. I was so scared that all the Spanish just came out “Oh lo siento mucho. Yo no tenía la intención de ser husmeando. Estoy aquí para hacer un trabajo. Necesito un favor de empleo no llame a la policía.”

Translation-Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be snooping around. I am here for a job. I need a Job Please don’t call the cops.

He seemed to have gotten closer to me which made me a bit nervous.”Haha, No I won’t call the police. But you said you want a job here?” “Yes. Its been my dream to be a firefighter.” His hazel eyes were just perfect and his face oh his face! “Well you know being a firefighter is quite a dangerous job.” “What if I told you that I liked danger?” Wait what did I just say? Can I take it back? Now he was checking me out which made me kind of blush. “Well what if I told you thats a turn on for me?” Did he just say turn on? I think there is something stuck in my ear. “My name is Isabelle. Isabelle Hernandez.” “My name is Terrell, and you can start tomorrow pretty lady. Let me just get your uniform. Stay here okay.” “Trust me I won’t leave.” Now that I thought about it.. WAIT he knows Spanish!

“So Isabelle. Here is your uniform. I guess I will be seeing you tomorrow?” “Well Yeah I need a job.” Why don’t you just get into my bed Terrell like now? Maybe he has a girlfriend, the good ones always has a girlfriend and which girl wouldn’t want to be with him. “Well I will see you Terrell.” “Bye Isabelle.”

So after my flirty conversation with Terrell I decided to go to the gym and do an hour workout. That witch wasn’t lying about seeing other sort of supernaturals cause I saw two fairies at the gym. Its like all the stories that mi abuela told me turned out to be true and they all seem to populate in this town. Who knows what I might see? For some odd reason I couldn’t get Terrell out of my mind and what he said about me liking danger is a turn on for him. I just hope that he won’t be a distraction for me at work.

With that all done, I jumped on my bike and headed home and called it a day. I can’t wait to see Terrell’s smile and his pretty eyes.

Finally Tuesday! It couldn’t come any faster! I slipped into my uniform and just pictured myself go down in history being the best Female Fire Fighter in Moonlight Falls. I fixed my hair and my suspenders when I heard the truck horn. Well here goes nothing!

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1.0 Prologue


Tears streamed down my face as I ran for my life. I couldn’t stop or the soldiers would catch me. Panting for my life as I searched for a hiding spot where the soldiers won’t find me. I could feel blood trickle down my leg from all the vines and pricks that came across my feet. Branches snapped after every step I  took. I couldn’t stop. This is a big Forest.

Why were the soldiers after me? What could I have done? Why would they kill everyone in my home? What did they want from me? I need to get out of  Venezuela and I need to leave fast. But first I must get out of this forest and I need to lose the Soldiers. I froze when I heard voices, I jumped into a bush as I listened to what the soldiers said.

Soldier- Tenemos que encontrarla y traerla de vuelta a José. No la mates! Ahora derrame y debemos encontrarla!

Translation- We must find her and bring her back to Jose. Don’t kill her! Now split up and we MUST FIND HER!

My Fiancé was responsible for the death of my family? And he wants me, was he going to kill me? Why did José want me? Did he want me so that he could get to my Investments? I must be careful now, there are soldiers looking for me all over this forest and I can’t risk being found.

The Scene of my family laying in a pool of blood flashed before my eyes. Today was to be a happy little get together to celebrate my little cousin’s birthday. Out of the 10 people that came to the party only one escaped the massacre. Faith drew me to go to the bathroom and that was when the soldiers came looking for me and they refused to let anyone live so they killed my family. I ran before they entered the house but one saw me and warned all the others. I am only 18 years old and I will live the rest of my life without a family. My only hope is to get out of this forest and far away from Venezuela as I could possibly get. America doesn’t sound like a bad start. There is a cargo ship that will be leaving tonight that is heading to California. I have to get out of this forest and get to the dock before the ship leaves.

I had to squint my eyes to see that the forest exit isn’t too far away. But how was I going to get there. I felt closed in by all these soldiers but the truth is, I don’t even know how many soldiers there are, it could only even be 5 soldiers. I swallowed the knot in my throat. And began to take the risk. I sprinted for the exit and I didn’t stop looking behind me. I finally reached the fence that closes the forest from the streets. I wanted to jump the fence but I didn’t want to risk making any sort of sound that will aware the soldiers of my present. I got on my knees what was now bleeding from all the pricks that I came in contact with. I looked behind me one more time to see if I saw any of the soldiers. And with that I fell on my stomach and crawled under the barbed wire fence. I felt a spike indulged my back, I had to bit my tongue to stop me from screaming. I have finally made it to the other side of the forest. I dusted off my hands and ran down the street to see if I could find any cars.

A Car is coming. I have to try and get the person’s attention. “Hey! Por favor, detente! Necesito su ayuda!”

Translation- Please stop! I need your help!

The tires of the car made a squeaking as the driver pressed on the brakes and reversed back towards me.

Before the man could say anything, he looked at the blood oozing out of my legs. “¿Puede usted ayudarme por favor? Los soldados están fuera de matarme. Ellos mataron a mi familia y ellos buscan. Por favor, te lo ruego, por favor, ayúdame.”

Translation- Can you please help me? The soldiers are out to kill me. They killed my family and they seek. Please, I beg you, please help me.

The man looked at me with his eyes widen. “Sí. Yo te ayudaré señora. pero ¿dónde te gustaría que te lleve”

Translation- Yes. I will help you ma’am. but where would you like me to take you?

I smiled at the man as wiped my dried tears, ” El dock. Por favor, llévame hasta el muelle. Tengo que subir al buque de carga e ir a América. No sé por qué estos soldados están detrás de mí y yo no quiero saber”

Translation- The dock. Please take me to the dock. I need to get on the Cargo Ship and go to America. I don’t know why these soldiers are after me and I don’t want to know

The man smiled and led me into his pick up truck.

The Gentleman handed me some paper towels from out of his glove compartment to wipe off the blood that was on my legs. We didn’t talk much but I was just happy that I am a step closer to getting out of Venezuela. I hope that he wouldn’t tell the Soldiers that he dropped me off at the dock and that I am heading for America. I swallowed my dried spit and spoke, “¿Vas a decir a los soldados de mi? Que me llevó hasta el muelle y me dirigía a Estados Unidos?”

Translation- Are you going to tell the soldiers about me? That you took me to the dock and I am heading for America?

The man looked at me and smiled and said, “No señora. ¿Por qué haría tal cosa? Yo no salvar a la gente y luego convertirlos pulg Además te ves muy asustado.”

Translation- No ma’am. Why would I do such a thing? I don’t save people and then turn them in. Plus you look really scared.

I smiled at the man and looked out the window to see that we are approaching the dock. The truck barley came to a full stop when I opened the door and tumbled to the floor.

“Muchas gracias por traerme aquí. Fue un placer conocerte.”

Translation- Thank you so much for bringing me here. It was nice meeting you.

The stranger smiled as a welcome. He watched as I walked over to the check-in and he never left the dock until the ship left. Now. I must face what America has in store for me. I’m glad that my mother has taught me English so I know a few words.

And that is how I ended up here. In a little town in Moonlight Falls. Where I will start my life from scratch with no family but me, myself, and I.

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